Professional Bear Safety Kit

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  • Includes the most effective tools to prevent dangerous wildlife encounters: bear spray, pyrotechnic scare cartridges, and air siren.
  • Designed for remote work crews, as a camp kit, and for wildlife managers.
  • Great value, comes with 100 pyrotechnic scare cartridges.
  • Weatherproof box keeps supplies organized, secure, and protected.

The Professional Bear Safety Kit is contained in a weatherproof dry box that keeps the essential bear deterrents safe, secure, and ready in case of an encounter. Including bear spray, pyrotechnic scare cartridges, and a noisemaker, this kit is ideal for vehicles, camps, or cabins. Workers, residents, and recreationists can stay safe with these easy-to-use tools.

Bear Spray is the most effective way to prevent a bear attack. Easy to use for anyone, the 1.84% concentration of capsaicin and other capsaicinoids hot pepper cloud stops bears in their tracks. Our kit includes a hip holster so the bear spray is always at hand and ready for use. Carrying Bear Spray is a must when in bear country.

15mm Pyrotechnic Scare Cartridges, also known as bear bangers, deter curious or aggressive bears before they get too close for comfort. Excellent for chance encounters on the trail or bears that are getting too close to camp, the loud, unnatural, and unnerving pyrotechnics scare bears from the area. Great value, unlike expensive pen-gun kits, our bear kit comes with 100 rounds of pyrotechnics.

The included noise-maker is one more tool for your tool belt. Scare off wildlife and alert others of your emergency. Choose between the Extreme Rattler or Screamer Siren.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS: We are only able to sell Ammunition and Pyrotechnic Products to Government Agencies (airports, wildlife services, state and local governments. Orders to USA private individuals and companies will not be processed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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with Extreme Rattler, with Extreme Siren