Margo Electra with High Frequency Radio Control

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Total: $745.25
  • Remote activated blasts up to 1,200 m (4,000 ft.) away.
  • Useful at airfields where human control is necessary for safety.
  • Targeted on-demand 120 dB. blasts reduce bird habituation.
  • Electra Cannon comes complete with radio receiver, the transmitter must be purchased separately.

Prevent Bird Habituation with remotely triggered on-demand cannon activations. The press of a button activates the Zon Electra’s 130 dB. blast, scaring wildlife in the area. Activating the blasts manually when wildlife are in the area ensures the sounds comes as a surprise each time. This substantially reduces habituation to birds and other animals, increasing the effectiveness of your overall bird hazing program. Remote activations are also important in aviation environments, where a human operator is required to ensure a poorly timed automatic blast does not pose a safety risk to aircraft in the area.


Line of Site Range up to 1,200 m (4,000 ft.) line of site range depending on local conditions when using the handheld Low Frequency Transmitter. Cloud cover, humidity, physical objects and radio interferences can affect range. Up to 99 individual radio cannons can be controlled on a single transmitter. Receives 27.255 MHz radio signals and can be programed on independent channels so each cannon can be individually activated.


Control Multiple Cannons off a single transmitter or use multiple transmitters so everyone in your team can deploy a cannon when needed. The Zon Electra can be programmed for regularly timed firing with additional detonations on-demand or set to only fire with manual control. The receiver is mounted inside a weatherproof aluminum box and powdered through the same 12V power supply for the Electra. Although power efficient, the receiver does draw extra power. We recommend using the Solar Case Kit with Solar Controller to power the cannon assembly.

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Weight 9.9 kg
Dimensions 80 × 19 × 25 cm