Visual Scare Products

Immature Bald Eagle Decoy

Immature Bald Eagle Decoy

SKU: 1908
The Immature Bald Eagle Decoy is effective in keeping waterfowl from control areas. Stands approximately 1m (3ft).
$131.75 USD
Dead Crow Decoy from Margo Supplies

Dead Crow Decoy

SKU: 1937
The Dead Crow Decoy is a good non-lethal, environmentally friendly option to deter crows . Very effective when combined with scare cannons.
$28.00 USD
Margo Supplies Dead Pigeon Decoy

Dead Pigeon Decoy

SKU: 1936
The Dead Pigeon Decoy tricks pigeons into thinking that there are lethal dangers in the area. Effective when combined with audio deterrents.
$28.00 USD
Dead Seagull Decoy from Margo Supplies

Dead Seagull Decoy

SKU: 1938
The Dead Seagull Decoy creates fear in seagulls and will avoid areas they perceive to be dangerous. Keep seagulls away with a realistic decoy.
$28.00 USD
Flying Peregrine Falcon

Flying Peregrine Falcon

SKU: 1934
The Flying Peregrine Falcon simulates a peregrine falcon in flight, scaring birds away from the control area.
$80.00 USD
Dead Raven Decoy

Feathered Raven Decoy

SKU: 1940
The Feathered Raven Decoy is a lifelike plastic decoy that can be placed to limit habituation.
$60.00 USD
Perched Peregrine Falcon Decoy from Margo Supplies

Perched Peregrine Falcon

SKU: 1935
Perched peregrine Falcon decoy keeps watch over your property, keeping smaller prey birds away and on edge.
$63.00 USD
Coyote Decoy from Margo Supplies

Coyote Decoy

SKU: 1905
This Coyote Decoy is a 3D life-size predator replica that frightens geese, birds and, other small pests away. Highly visible, safe, and humane.
$76.00 USD
Holographic Iridescent Guardian Owl

Holographic Iridescent Guardian Owl

SKU: 1931
The Holographic Iridescent Guardian Owl creates bright reflective flashes, keeping birds frightened and on edge.
$18.00 USD